Friday, March 5, 2010


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My sweet Ruthie. We got Ruth about 2 years ago when she was like 4 weeks old. She has been my baby since. She likes to sleep on my head and at night she forces me to love on her. Chris and I made the choice to find her and her boyfriend Titus a new home about a month ago because our plate is just too full. Im struggling with this. I have to say, these two cats are pains. They like to knock stuff off of tables for fun, they can make a room look like a hurricane came through it in 2 seconds flat when they are playing, and they shed like crazy. But I love them. They are the sweetest cats in the world. They never scratch us or bite. They let us do whatever we want to them and they are good with Jacob. I just can't wait till we have a bigger house and an actual backyard so we can let them be outdoor/indoor cats. Oh well, knowing us we will just give in and keep them...unless ofcourse an awesome couple comes along and gives them a better home. We are such animal lovers that we would keep every animal we saw if we had the land to hold them all. Already we have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a turtle (see sweetie, I remembered the turtle). Oh and don't forget the baby who is threatening to walk any day now ;). Do you have any pets?

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