Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He made me do it!

So I made my hubby promise to force me to walk at least 30 minutes a day no matter what and guess what...he did it! Last night after Jacob was in bed and we were getting ready to go to sleep as well, I remembered that I hadn't walked yet. I was going to say oh well ill just do it tomorrow, but nope he motivated me to do it anyways. Ok I have to admit it wasnt 30 minutes, but we went up and down the stairs a few times (and I realized my legs are REALLY out of shape and we have super steep stairs!) and then just walked around the house. We felt like dorks but it was kind of fun. I always forget that when you start exercising you dont want to stop (yeah I know strange, I actually like exercise, I just dont have time!) so we crunches and then went to bed. Tonight I will try to actually walk BEFORE bed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ok now I want to brag!

I love my little man so much! I love my hubby too! I have such a good life, I really shouldnt complain but anyone who knows me knows I like to complain. Im so proud of Jacob! He is such a good baby. He can sit on his own for a minute but all he wants to do is stand. He LOVES to stand and jump! When i finally force him to sit him flings himself backwards so he can stand. He is trying to crawl to! He can get his legs up and bent but his arms just lay there. Yep thats my fault because I dont make him do enough tummy time! Oops! But he can scoot! Im going to be in trouble once he can figure out how to get to a standing position on his own! He also loves to eat (uhoh!). He loves veggies! I can't believe how much he loves them! So far hes tried peas, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato and squash. He will be trying carrots later this week. I would share pics but I can't find my camera charger :(. At least I got some pretty cute videos that I will share tomorrow.

I need to vent, ramble on

Ok so its been a while...sorry for that. I have found that I dont have that much time to just sit and write. I am so depressed right now. I love my family, love my life, love my job...I just hate how I look. I dont feel like me anymore. I never do my hair because I dont have time in the morning. I dont wear makeup because I just dont see a point. I never wear jewelry because I just forget. I wear these stupid goucho pants because NOTHING ELSE FITS!!!! I dont know why I cant lose any weight. I know im not eating the best, but I know I am eating MUCH better than I was a month ago but I still havent lost anything. I rarely eat fast food now, when we eat out I stay away from fried food. I dont eat that many sweets and I have even been cooking more. I just dont understand. I have no time to work out, though I am pledging to walk everyday for 30 minutes no matter what. Even if I have to walk in my house, I am going to walk. I just feel like my life is on hold till I lose the weight. I really want to have another child soon. Yes I said it! I am already getting the baby itch! But everyone that knows me well knows that I want to have all my kids close in age, no more that 2 yrs a part. I love the relationship that my siblings and I have and I truely believe its because we are so close in age. I really wanted to start trying again in December but I just dont see that happening with the way things are. I am just too overweight and will the health problems I already have, it would be really stupid to try anytime soon. Unfortunately it doesnt change how my heart feels. Im leaving it up to God and I will try to have patience and lose the weight the right way. It is extremely tempting to glue my mouth shut for two weeks! Ok sorry for that! I just had to get that out. I know every new mother goes through a time where she loses herself, Im just ready to find myself and be happy with who I am again.