Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jeans DO make the girl!

So I am finally feeling like my old self again. Lately I haven't felt like myself, I have been feeling like some frumpy, fat, ugly person (I can't even say woman b/c I feel non-feminine). I am really upset about this weight thing and refused to buy clothes in a bigger size. Well a cool front came through and gave me no choice but to buy new jeans that actually fit! I forgot how much I missed jeans!! Or really anything but stupid goucho pants! I can't explain it but wearing jeans make me feel like I am pretty and non frumpy and even kind of girly. I have also joined Weight Watchers and man is it an eye opener! The program has really showed me that I don't eat as good as I thought I was. I have already lost 5lbs and I am hoping that it will keep coming off!

On another note, Jacob is getting teeth! The first one broke though last Wednesday and the second one is breaking through today. No more gummy thay are going to be teeth smiles!


  1. so cute!!! I hate jeans.. they make me feel fatier! LOL but glad you feel better... my eyebrows done, makeup on and hair done can make me feel like a girl!

  2. Look at that grin!

    Good job on the WW.

    And I haven't felt like a pretty lady lately either. :(