Monday, June 22, 2009

Hospital bills Suck!

I had Jacob in April and some of my bills are already going to collections...what the heck?!? I swear on some of these I have never even gotten a bill! And crazy CLRMC is trying to keep my $3k deductible that I dont owe them! One thing that I want to know is why do they charge you $25k for a c-section when I have a separate bill from the OB, room and board, nursery, and anathesiaologist (yes I spelled that wrong). What the heck is covered under the $25k?? Am I paying to lay on the table?? Oh well eventually I will pay off all these medical bills. Better start saving for the next one!!

So I started a blog

Ive always wanted a blog. I LOVE to read other peoples blogs and who knows maybe someone would love to read mine. I apologize now if I rant or vent. Im going to consider this a journal so good luck! Get ready for some craziness!